Educare Infant center & Preschool

Our Philosophy- We believe that each child is a unique individual and that childhood should be treasured, not hurried. We believe that all children have the right to an environment that will enrich his/her life by providing developmentally appropriate educational and play experiences. We believe in developing trusting relationships with children through a predictable and consistent environment. We recognize our responsibility to love your child as you would and provide for their emotional as well as physical needs. We believe that early intervention is the key to school readiness. 

our mission

It is the mission of EduCare that through a collaborated effort by families, EduCare, and the community-all children will thrive in supportive, nurturing environments. That by supporting local initiatives, providing advocacy for families, participating in and providing outreach opportunities, EduCare will assist individuals toward strong, healthy family systems where each member can develop and grow personal faith in Christ-recognizing Jesus as the one who loves them unconditionally, and that He wants to know them personally. Families have access to obtain and utilize both physical and relational available resources. Children develop age appropriate skills, and strive to become productive citizens of our community. 

Program Highlights

∙ Highly qualified and experienced staff

∙ Developmental approach with child assessments

∙ Video monitoring in Classrooms

∙ Gated and Coded Entrances

∙ Accepting children 6 weeks through Preschool

∙ Afterschool Program available

∙ Subsidized Care accepted

∙ CACFP: Child Food Program

∙ Weekly Chapel Time

For More information or enrollment please contact Stephanie Dunn at 209-725-7935 or